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For over 25 years, Stephen and Chey Cobb have provided independent IT advice as Cobb Associates, a vendor-neutral IT consulting firm used by companies and government agencies in the US, EU, and Asia, with a focus on networks, data privacy and system security.


Cobb Associates is on hiatus

Over the years, Stephen and Chey Cobb have advised many companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations on matters of Information Technology, Privacy, and Security. But they are now taking a break.

At the moment Stephen is focused on his work as a computer security researcher and his graduate studies in security and risk assessment at the University of Leicester in the UK.

You can read Stephen's articles about privacy and security on Scobbs Blogspot and We Live Security.

In his spare time, Stephen is campaigning to raise awareness of Celtic Curse, also known as hereditary hemochromatosis or HHC. He runs as as well as the Fighting Hemochromatosis page on Facebook.

Due to poor health resulting from undiagnosed HHC, Chey Cobb is only available for short-term consulting and writing assignments that can be performed on a flexible schedule.

In the past, the work of Cobb Associates has focused on maximizing the benefits of information technology to enterprises, governments, individuals and communities, both through technical innovation and the reduction of IT-related risks. We have published many articles and books. We conduct seminars, address conferences, and perform a variety of consulting tasks for a wide range of clients. To learn more about the type of work done by Cobb Associates, read on...

Cobb Associates have been engaged by organizations such as AT&T Wireless, Microsoft MSN, New York City, Edward Jones, the Securities Industry Automation Corporation, IBM, ICSA Labs, Hoover, Conoco, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, The Federal Trade Commission, VNU Business Publications, Merck Medco, the Royal Mail, and the Federal Trade Commission.


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